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Below is a list of current former/current/ future partners we have/are/ will work with as well as the fundraising terms that they are a part of as well as future projects that they may be partnering with us on. We request you to look at all the great work these groups do.



Deepalaya started in 1979 with 7 founding members with the objective of educating the underprivileged child. Till date, Deepalaya has reached out to more than 3,58,651 children, helped form more than 1,616 Self Help Groups with 18,173 women who have established more than 8,411 micro-enterprises.

Happy Indian Village

The Happy Indian Village is a community formed in 2007 with the goal of providing education and a childhood free of stigmatization from HIV/ AIDS. The Happy Indian Village provides shelter and education free of cost to children who have been shunned by their previous communities for being born with HIV/ AIDS. 


Children Reachout

Children Reachout focuses on supporting children living in the urban communities in three areas focus that’s education, nutrition, protection, and advocacy. Currently, we are taking care of 100 families in Uganda and 1000 children under our school programs that empower children to lead healthy and successful lives.

Build Africa

Build Africa has set up around 20 schools in the Mali region and that is the area that our group is specifically working with. They are currently focused on the training of teachers as well as the supply of materials for their 20 schools as well as other non-profit groups they work with in the region.

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