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Project Alpha

Is our first fundraising round for the First Aid Project with the primary goal of getting first aid kits to non-profit schools in underdeveloped regions.


Being our first fundraising project I thought it apt to name it "Project Alpha". For our first project, I started in March of 2021 to reach out to non-profit schools to try and get partners before beginning fundraising. Through this period of time, we had several meetings with non-profit schools to encourage them to foster a partnership with the out-group. This was no easy feat as it took work to get the trust of these schools, and so I reached out to many schools and only heard back from a few of which even fewer were able to sustain a partnership.

Once I had established the partners I began work on preparing everything to begin our fundraising scheme this included preparing materials for door-knocking donations such as spreadsheets and such. I also had to prepare ways for online donations like our gogetfunding website ( After this point, I took a two-month hiatus to focus on my IGCSE exams with the goal of beginning real fundraising in June.

Once it came to June I spent a large part of my summer break going door-knocking asking for donations down my block. I asked all my friends to share the online fundraiser through social media as well as family members to spread the word. In order to get some corporate support. I reached out to an employee at Johnson and Johnson in order to get a possible corporate sponsorship, whilst this had not worked for this project specifically but I had managed to get our online fundraiser on the Johnson and Johnson company newsletter.

By August 2021 I had reached the fundraising goal of $8,000 and actually beat it by $500. Once I finished fundraising I reached back to the partners to organize sending the donations and figuring out the logistics of purchasing and transporting the first aid kits. 


March 2021

Meetings with partners and preperation

June 2021

Start of fundraising

July 2021

Online fundraising

August 2021

Sending donations

Meeting to get posisble partners and organizing the documents, social media, and online fundraising platforms for fundraising later on in the year.

After taking a break for exams I had returned to start fundraising in June 2021, this began with doorknocking and proceeded with more social media outreach

In order to increase the audience of the fundraising operation, I had started the online fundraisng platform. This was done through a gogetfunding and allowed me to reach people out of Singapore.

At this point, I had reached my fundraising goal and beat that as well with $8,500, after which I reached back to the partners to transfer the donations. 

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