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About Us

The First Aid Project was started by a (then) Grade 10/ Grade 11 student at the United World College of South East Asia East Campus. It all begin in a meeting with his service partners at an activity he participated in at school discussing how to tackle a problem that his service was facing. He proposed a very complicated idea to run cancer screening in schools in India, his NGO partners then politely chuckled stating that schools in these areas don't even have access to first aid kits, giving birth to the idea.

In realizing how distorted his perspective was, he was embarrassed and determined to look into the issue further. This led to the foundation of the First Aid Project. This began in March of 2021 leading to the first fundraising exercise named First Aid Project Alpha in June 2021.


Our Team

Below is a list of our dedicated and committed group members 


Aarit Patil


Aarit Patil is currently in Grade 11 at UWCSEA East, he is 2021-2022 Chair of the Cancer Awareness Global Concern and an HL Biology and Chemistry student. He has had a history in medical aid for 2 years now and has a deep interest in using medicine as a force for change. Aarit is really interested in addressing the issue of a lack of First Aid Kits within non-profit schools in the developing world, a cause he wishes to continue working towards throughout his life.

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