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Helping Make Schools a Safer Place

The First Aid Project


We fundraise through social media, door-knocking, campaigns, and corporate sponsorships. We use this money to purchase and transport First Aid Kits to our partners. We run separate programs with partners in order to help with health-related issues, helping in fundraising and awareness.


The First Aid Project currently operates in regions of Sub-Saharan Africa and India. We work with non-profit schools run by private organizations. Our partners currently include; Akanksha, Deepalaya, Children Reachout, Build Africa. To learn more click the link below.



The First Aid Project was started by a Grade 10 student from United World College of South East Asia, East Campus, who recognized the need for non-profit schools to obtain First Aid Kits in order to be safer places that allow for a higher quality of education as well as lifting the quality of health care in a community.

Click "Learn More" to look into the genesis and founder of the project.


Our Partners

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Our goal is to bring First Aid Kits to all our partner schools. In order to help them enhance their quality of education, to help them alleviate poverty in their regions. Hopefully, leading to a better/ safer society.



"The First Aid Project teamed up with us in early March and by June and we had first aid kits at our door in August. Aarit is an extremely dedicated and caring student and we are so grateful to have gotten in contact with them. We recently invited him to officially join the board of Children Reachout Uganda and we look forward to many more collaborations on a variety of issues.

Head of Children Reachout


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